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How to Submit a Maintenance Request

EMERGENCY: (call 203-776-0623)

A maintenance emergency is a condition that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property. Maintenance staff will respond to an emergency call if they deem it a true maintenance emergency.
  1. FIRE - When a fire alarm is going off indicating that there is a fire, residents are responsible for calling the fire department. Residents must stay on site and be available to let the fire department into the building and your apartment. Call the fire department first, then call Chelsea Company.
  2. CLOGGED TOILET - If the resident is unable to resolve the issue with a plunger. It is the responsibility of the resident to plunge the toilet prior to calling maintenance. A majority of clogged toilets can be cleared with a plunger. If an emergency call is placed and the maintenance tech resolves the issue with a plunger, there will be a charge for this.
  3. NO HEAT - In an apartment with all of the windows closed with a temperature reading of below 65 degrees.
  4. CEILING LEAK - A leak that is causing a deluge of water entry into the apartment. For all other leaks with less water intrusion, please email the maintenance issue. Please put up a water collection containment until a maintenance tech is able to assist with the water issue.
  5. LOCK FAILURE - This would be considered any lock that is not functioning for apartment access or is the only exterior door entrance/exit.
  6. NO ELECTRICITY - Only if there is no electricity and 1.) The resident has called the electric company (United Illuminating 1-800-722-5584 and found that they were not at fault. 2.) The resident has called the power company to determine if there is no known city/block power outage 3.) After resident has checked all the breakers by flipping them ALL to the OFF position and then back on and reset all GFI circuits in the house OR replaced the fuse for the apartment. Residents are responsible for maintaining electricity in the apartment and are required to check breakers and replace fuses.
  7. GAS SMELL - A majority of the time, a gas smell is the result of a pilot light being out on a stove top or in the oven. If all pilot lights are operable and there is still a gas smell call the gas company:
    • Southern CT Gas 1-800-659-8299

NON-EMERGENCY: (please submit a maintenance request on this page)

Although an inconvenience these are examples of things that are considered urgent but are NOT considered an After Hours/Weekend Maintenance Emergency. Send an email and a staff member will respond during normal business hours:
  1. An appliance that is not working (refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, garbage disposal)
  2. No hot water
  3. Clogged sink or tub drains
  4. Noise disturbance
  5. Unauthorized vehicle in parking spot
  6. Pest control
  7. Package service
  8. Utility service, including internet/cable installation
  9. Burnt out light bulb. Residents are responsible for changing lightbulbs in their apartment.
  10. Chirping smoke detector and/or chirping carbon monoxide detector. Residents are responsible for maintaining and replacing the batteries for both units.


After hours/weekend lock outs will be responded to if a maintenance tech is available between the hours of 8am and 10pm. There is a $100 charge for a staff member to let you into your apartment and an additional charge for a replacement set of keys.


Common area laundry room machines and card readers are serviced through Mac-Gray. Please report issues directly to Mac-Gray via their website. Please email to inform us of the issue and ticket number if applicable in order to avoid duplicate service requests.

Maintenance Request Form

Use the form below to submit a non-emergency maintenance request. Your request will be reviewed and we will contact you during regular business hours.
Your Name:
Your Building:
Your Apartment:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Location of Problem:
Problem Description:
If you are in a multi-bedroom apartment please indicate which bedroom is your bedroom.

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